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At Shevie, we believe that it is our responsibility to be sustainable and accountable in the development of our craftsmanship. Structuring our business around integrity is a moral commitment, but we take pride in complying with the laws and regulations of our clients, and have been awarded the QEC certification ISO 9001:2008.


 Over 30 years, we have created a culture of environmental and social sustainability. Fuelled by creativity and collaboration, we are dedicated to reducing our carbon footprint while empowering our workers and encouraging inclusivity and respect, ensuring that Shevie’s community is safe and friendly. These goals power us to work towards a better tomorrow for our people and the planet, and include:

 Shevie is non-polluting and green through a relatively low consumption of power and extremely low to none chemical emissions;

Embroidery materials are globally sourced, aligning with the REACH standards that ensure compliance to the protection of human health and the environment;

Promoting gender equality: While the majority of our karigars are men, the top design and merchandising team comprises of  92%  women. Shevie ensures equal opportunities to all, and gender is not a factor in employment. Concessions are always made to our workers, and during breaks in public transport, Shevie has historically organised private sanitised transportation for our employees;

There is an equal distribution of workload to employees and subcontractors. The two shift operation system ensures reduction in extra working hours for artisans ;

Supporting the continuation of craftsmanship traditions Offering our teams a sustainable and comfortable working environment: our factories are air conditioned and clean;

 Equal allocation of work and management: There is an equal distribution of workload to employees and subcontractors. The two shift operation system ensures little extra working hours for artisans and merchandisers;

Attaining 100% traceability for our raw materials and 100% compliance with our auditors;

Developing new eco-friendly sourcing solutions, raw materials and processes;

 Increasing low-impact alternative and sustainable materials in our collections;

Enhancing the lives of the people who make our products and focusing on supporting underserved communities;


Shevie has developed new eco-friendly sourcing solutions, raw materials and processes.




 Currently, our International clients are laying emphasis on their Indian suppliers to be socially accountable. Shevie has taken several initiatives in this direction to ensure that our factories' are internationally compliant in social accountability. Shevie is a member of the Uthaan program of IMPACTT UK, which monitors us and ensures we have a sustainable, socially compliant supply chain. Shevie is also ISO 9001:2008 certified.  

Shevie is proud to extend its support in the Covid-19 emergency by providing face masks for the Mumbai Police.

Our cotton face masks are washable, reusable and ensure comfort and protection for the long hours of work for the Police force in Mumbai’s warm and humid climate.

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