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At Shevie, we believe in cultivating an environment that maximizes concept and creativity. Great strides are taken to train our skilled embroiderers in various techniques that achieve not only the vintage and traditional, but also modern ornamentation. Our international clients frequently work closely with our in-house designers at our design studio to translate brilliant ideas and create collections that are truly one-of-a-kind.


Shevie has an in-house factory with a capacity of 350 artisans who oversee the hand embroidery operations and a  tailoring atelier comprising of 50 tailors.  Furthermore, we have 16 outsourced factories with a capacity of 600 workers .


Our designers continue to carry out research and development from archives and current trends. Our robust archives consist of over five thousand exquisite swatches. CAD/ CAM departments work on paper patterns and sizing to ensure that we are offering our clients garments of the finest quality. Any deviation from the template is immediately corrected by the quality control department. Moreover, our creative team works on specifications and new swatches as per the inspiration and brief shared by the client. The quality control team closely supervises production checks for  every piece, which is packed with a repair kit for emergencies, unique to the garment.


The real magic takes place at our production factories, where the kaarigars work passionately to bring the client's vision to life. At the core of every Shevie creation is the skill and precision with which all our teams synchronize their processes to produce the finest quality embroideries season after season.  To supplement our extensive and intricate manufacturing, Shevie has an additional staff of 175 people who work in design, logistic, accounting, purchasing and human resources


CAD/ CAM Department

Research & Development



Artwork & Design


Quality Control & Packing


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