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Shevie is known for celebrating beauty in handicraft, creating exquisite hand-embroidered concepts for the most  famous and influential brands in the fashion industry. With a history that transcends three decades, Shevie was co-founded by a mother and son, and its family-like environment extends to its community of artisans, clients, kaarigars, merchandisers and the greater community at large.


Shevie’s strength lies in its versatility and expertise in interpreting trends to the utmost satisfaction of its global clientele in Europe, Asia and America. Its heritage and art extends not only to fashion,but also to bespoke bridal wear and special  red carpet events, notably the Golden Globes, the Grammy’s, the Venice Film Festival and Chime for Change, to name a few. Our international reach is evident by the diversity of celebrities that flaunt Shevie’s embroideries on garments made by the most exclusive design houses, which include but are not limited to Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, Beyoncé, Rita Ora, Katy Perry, Fergie, the Princess of Norway, Gwyneth Paltrow, Angelina Jolie, Cameron Diaz, Adele and Salma Hayek.


Shevie’s trajectory, from a small, Indian-based hand-embroidery manufacturing house to its larger international and predominantly European presence today, employs India’s rich artisanal expertise that has its origins in the 16th century Mughal era. Shevie’s legacy lies in its consistent and loyal relationships with its clients, serving as a testament to the company’s dedication to  creation, teamwork, production and prompt deliveries.

At Shevie, we believe  in cultivating an environment that maximizes innovation, inspiration  and creativity. Great efforts are taken to train our skilled embroiderers in various techniques that achieve not only the vintage and traditional, but also modern ornamentation. Often our international clients work closely with our in-house designers at our design studio to transform brilliant ideas to collections that are truly one-of-a-kind.

Our discerning  clients  desire precision and production of collections within tight timelines. Having successfully satisfied our clients with our exquisite hand crafted embroideries, impeccable quality and efficient deliveries, over the past  three decades, Shevie prides itself as a  leader in partnering with the most iconic brands of the Fashion Industry.


Sheila Bulchandani; Partner of Shevie Fine Embroideries



Prior to co-founding Shevie, Sheila designed traditional Indian bridal wear and trousseaus. Her subsequent involvement in international couture was a natural progression for her, particularly in the domains of Human Resources and production. Sheila is inspired by the worlds of Valentino and Issey Miyake, and is always fascinated by fabrics, prints, embroidery techniques and finishes. Sheila is an active member of the Rotary Club of Mumbai, and involves herself in various philanthropic initiatives with the intention of helping boost marginalised groups in the country. 



Upon completing a Bachelors Degree in Economics from Case Western Reserve University in the USA, Vivek completed a course at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York to gain a better understanding of the garment industry and the mechanics behind the fashion market. Co-founding Shevie has allowed Vivek to merge his love for art with his knowledge of traditional Indian embroidery and the avant-garde, capturing the pulse of the global fashion industry. To enhance his business acumen, Vivek recently completed the Owner’s and President’s Management Program at the Harvard Business School in 2018, and continues educating himself on the business-side functions of the fashion industry. Vivek drives the innovation and business aspects of the company, translating concepts from clients into tangible and commercially viable creations.

Vivek Bulchandani; Partner of Shevie Fine Embroideries
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